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Nadia,Uppingham School

I was new to Uppingham school last year and soon will be beginning my second year of A Levels (Upper Sixth). 


In the beginning I felt very homesick but with the help of girls in house and the busy schedule of Uppingham, I soon learned to enjoy the new environment. 


Uppingham is a very well-rounded and traditional school, encouraging us to take up music and sports while also being very academically driven. Additionally, it also encourages Anglican values, with chapel being compulsory five times a week. I think this helps build a strong sense of community at school. With Uppingham being a full-boarding school, I feel that there is less segregation between day students and boarders, while also encouraging a strong sense of friendship and belonging in house. 



My favourite part about Uppingham is its newly renovated science building and sports centre this is where I spend most of my time. The teachers are also very helpful and are always willing to offer additional support even after lessons which is very helpful especially as A-Levels can be quite challenging at times.